If you’ve ever been to a live sporting event, especially football, chances are you’ve seen some RVs parked out by the stadium with grills smoking and people laughing. We are talking of course about tailgating. What started out as people literally using their truck tailgates as stadium seating before the game has evolved into its […]

Dump Trailer Basics

Dump trailers are a necessary part of the trailer world. Their ability to raise and dump loads, and portability leads them to be a workhorse. So what is a dump trailer and what trailer will match up to you? Dump Trailers takes a look at some dump trailer basics. What Makes a Trailer a Dump […]

RVing with Pets

Many people cannot imagine leaving their beloved pets for an extended period of time. So many RVers choose to bring their four legged friends along for the adventure. There are some considerations and steps to take to make sure your canine and feline has a much as fun as you do. Here are some of […]

Welcome to DumpTrailers.net!

Welcome to DumpTrailers.net! We appreciate you stopping by! DumpTrailers.net was created to bring consumers the latest in reviews, specifications and ratings on dump trailers across the industry. No matter what type of dump trailer you’re looking for, we’ll give you an unbiased review you can rely on for your next purchase. Keep on coming back! […]